Slab on Ground

Slab on Ground

PrīmXComposite is a fully seamless, smooth, non-curling, crack-free concrete floor system made with zero shrinkage technology.

PrīmXComposite makes it possible to cast indoor fields of unlimited size and geometry with no joints at all. Even the joints we place at the end of each day are either tied or only open up slightly, providing the ultimate smooth floor experience. Other concrete floor systems have either small, narrow shrinkage joints every 6 meters, or wide dominant construction joints every 30-50 meters;

PrīmXComposite is very tough and safe. Independent research shows that our floor slabs are many times safer than concrete floors built using traditional reinforcement bars.

Eliminating joints in concrete also means avoiding post-installation issues such as damages to joints or slab curling.

Visible results:

  • Reduced long-term floor maintenance costs;
  • A much better usage profile than traditional floors;
  • Increased market resale value of the building.


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