Raft foundations

Raft foundations

PrīmXComposite Raft or mat-type foundations under buildings are very stable due to their large size and monolithic structure.

PrīmXComposite Raft is the ultimate in raft foundation design, fast to install, providing a stiff and stable foundation which is gas and watertight.
Raft floating foundations spread the weight of the structure over the entire base of the building rather than at scattered support spots. Floating foundations are shallow, making them ideal for fast-track construction.

Primekss has made building of raft type foundations faster and easier by using steel fibre - reinforced PrīmeXComposite concrete instead of traditional rebars, allowing: 

  • Faster installation; 
  • Greatly reduced labor force; 
  • No mistakenly, installed reinforcement; 
  • Tough, durable concrete. 

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