Enjoy perfect, thin PrīmXComposite overlays - no cracking or shrinkage, perfect for building bonded and unbonded to existing concrete.

Seamless PrīmXComposite overlays can be made in a thickness of 20 to 100 mm.
Regular concrete overlays experience a high degree of cracking, debonding, curling and edge lifting as concrete shrinkage is most dangerous in thin elements.
PrīmXComposite overlays is a fast, strong and economical solution for high-quality overlays in warehousing, industrial, retail and other applications.

Our long-term experience in design and execution as well as the engineered shrinkage properties of the PrīmXComposite Overlay solutions, allow achieving much lest cracking and overcome most of the problems. 

Typical applications of overlay solutions include finishing layers on prefabricated elements, repairs of deteriorated parking decks and damaged industrial floors in facilities, such as:

  • Mezzanines at storage facilities;
  • Shopping malls and centres;
  • Car dealerships;
  • Residential buildings;
  • Office spaces;
  • Convention centres.

Visible results:

  • Reduced long-term floor maintenance costs;
  • A much better usage profile than traditional floors;
  • Increased market resale value of the building;
  • Looks far better than jointed, cracked and curled alternatives.

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