Outdoor - Pavements and Roads

Outdoor - Pavements and Roads

Imagine all the benefits of tough and jointless PrīmXComposite in your pavement or road. Jointless design makes it possible to significantly reduce joints, which means lower maintenance costs. PrīmXComposite toughness and high load-bearing capacity means the pavement will withstand very high point loads.

PrīmXComposite concrete has higher freeze-thaw resistance and higher abrasion resistance against movements of heavy loads. PrīmXComposite Outdoor has been very successfully used for heavy caterpillar abrasion use such as in heavy tank roads for the US Army Corps of Engineers, among others.

Typical applications of PrīmXComposite Outdoor:

  • Roads, parking lots, sea port cargo fields, airport aprons and runways, external cargo storage areas, caterpillar equipment roads and pavements.

Visible results:

  • Reduced long-term maintenance costs;
  • A much better usage profile than traditional pavements;
  • Improved durability.

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